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EPA Regulations

The EPA recommends the installation of proper construction washouts as BMP and as a pollution preventive.

Wash water can leach into the ground and contaminate it due to high levels of chromium. The high alkaline content is also harmful to aquatic life if it migrates to a storm drain.

When you properly use our Outpak Washouts you will:

  • Prevent toxic runoff
  • Control Sediment
  • Control Erosion
  • Adhere to construction BMPs

EPA Fact Sheet:

Concrete Washout
Minimum Measure: Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control
Subcategory: Good Houskeeping/Materials Management


Concrete washouts are used to contain concrete and liquids when the chutes of concrete mixers and hoppers of concrete pumps are rinsed out after delivery. The washout facilities consolidate solids for easier disposal and prevent runoff of liquids. The wash water is alkaline and contains high levels of chromium, which can leach into the ground and contaminate groundwater. It can also migrate to a storm drain, which can increase the pH of area waters and harm aquatic life. Solids that are improperly disposed of can clog storm drain pipes and cause flooding. Installing concrete washout facilities not only prevents pollution but also is a matter of good housekeeping at your construction site.

This fact sheet describes the different types of concrete washout facilities that can be used at your site and outlines how they should be sited, designed, and maintained.

Types of Concrete Washout Facilities

Prefabricated washout containers

A growing number of companies offer sturdy, prefabricated concrete washout containers that are delivered to the site. Some services provide the containers alone without providing maintenance and disposal of materials, while other companies offer complete service that includes delivery of containers and regular pickups of solid and liquid waste materials. The prefabricated containers resist damage and protect well against spills and leaks, and the full-service option relieves the site superintendent of the burden of disposing of materials. To prevent leaks on the jobsite, ensure that prefabricated washout containers are watertight. Additionally, some companies offer prefabricated washout containers with ramps to accommodate concrete pump trucks.

When selecting a company to handle concrete waste, ensure that they are properly disposing of all materials, and give preference to companies that recycle collected materials.

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