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Sediment Control

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As an authorized dealer for Gator Guard, we offer one of the best alternatives for your SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan): the Gator Guard Sediment Control Wattle.

By offering a more effective erosion control Gator Guard has revolutionized the sediment control industry. They are light, easy to use, and reusable.

Gator Guard 75' Sediment Control Wattle Product Image
Our Price: $249
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  • 98% effective, 20 times less dirt loss vs. straw wattles
  • Durable (up to 5 years) UV Resistant Geotextile
  • Light weight: only 8lbs per 25'


Model No. RSW625
Diameter 6-inch
Length 25-feet
Apron Width 8-inch
Connection Sleeve 12-inch (at one end)
Weight -Single Roll 8-pounds
Weight - Three Pack 25-pounds
Dimensions - Single Roll 38-in diameter x 7-in thick
Dimensions - Three Pack 38-in diameter x 21-in thick
Fabric: - Material Woven polypropylene slit film
Fabric: - Type Ground Cover
Fabric: - Weight 3.2 oz./sq. yd.
Fabric: - Tensile Strength 175 x 110 lbs.
Fabric: - Burst 275 psi
Fabric: - Puncture 65 lbs.
Fabric: - Water Permeability 15-gpm/sf clean water
<1-gpm/sf dirty water
Fabric: - UV % Strength 80% after 2400 hrs.
Thread UV Resistant Polyester
Foam Filler (recycled scrap) Closed cell polyethylene foam
Install Pins 4-in, 5-in, 6-in Cap Nails 14 included (in center of roll)
Alt. Install Pins 6-inch Landscape Staples 14 included (in center of roll) alternate
Alt. Install Pins - Big Nails with Washers Purchase Locally
Installation Pin Spacing Every 3-feet
11-inch Cable Ties (for cut-to-length) 2 included (in apron below tag)
Cover apron w/ dirt (compact w/ feet) 1-inch of dirt minimum
Accidental cut repair Fill cut with caulking or replace
Functional Life (expected) 5 years (excludes major damage)
Soils Lab Testing San Diego State University - January 2008
% Effective LA Basin 10 yr. storm Equiv. 98% effective for 3:1 slope
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